Offer of Oomantham flower (Datura Metal) to Lord Sani here is said to cure mentally afflicted devotees. On performing pooja with Vanni leaves he will shower wealth. Those who Worship on Kondrai flower(Caselpenia) the lord will bless them with peace and unity in the family. His favorites are

Color - black,
Vahana - Crow,
The grain associated with him is Gingelly.
Flower - Vanni,
Fabric - Black Cloth
Gem - Neelam(Blue Sapphire)
Food - Rice mixed with Gingelly Powder, Vadai made with Black grams

Pariharam :

As the Lord Saneeswara Bagavan transited from kanni rasi to thulam rasi the following rasis requires pariharam

Kadagam - CANCER(Arthashtama sani), Kanni -VIRGO (padha sani), Thulam-LIBRA(Jenma sani) Viruchigam -SCARPIO(7`1/2 Sani starts) and Meenam - PISCES (Astama Sani)

Types of pariharam :

1. Paarihara homam

2. Abishekam

3. Archanai & Kattalai Archanai

4. Sanipreedhi dhanam

5. Lighting gingely oil deepams

6. Annadhanam

The persons wants to do pariharam may contact the office in 9585382152or mail to pongusaneeswararthirukoil@gmail.com

The annadhanam is the best pariharam for lord Saneeswara bagavan. This temple is situated in a small village where the pilgrims will not get any food in afternoon. Annadhana thittam of this temple is much helpful to the devotees. The people who wants to do pariharam may consider the annadhanam as their first choice.