AgniBhagavan is said to have worshipped Lord Shiva here and hence the name Agneeswarar and the place came to be known as Agnipuri. AgniBhagavan advised SuriyaBhagavan and to his wife Ushadevi and Sayadevi to seek blessing of Lord Shiva at Thirukollikadu. Lord Shiva pleased with devotion absolved them from the heat of the Sun. By the grace of Lord Shiva ‘Yamadharma’ was born to Ushadevi and Sani Bhagavan was born to Sayadevi.

Sani Bhagavan was very upset for he was being held responsible for all the woes of human being. He prayed Agneeswarar at Thirukollikadu after bathing in Agnitheertham. Lord Shiva gave him the Dharsan and praised him for being a just a planet. He appreciated his impartial justice based the deeds of human being he further pleased Saneeswara by asking him to reside in the temple as ‘Pongusani’ showering his blessings on devotees.

Sri Saniswara bgavan sannathi is situated at the north west corner of the temple where, generally the sannathi of MAHALAKSHMI is in other temples .Sri Sani Bagavan took the duty of Sri Maahalakshmi to bless the devotees.

In all temples Sri Sani Bagavan has bow and arrow or soolam or whip in his hand. Here He has plough (kalappai –in tamil) in his hand. This is the symbol of prosperity.

Sri Bairavar sannathi is situated in the north east corner of the temple opposite to Sri Sani bagvan sannathi. Bairavar is the GURU of Sanibagavan. As the disciple is in the vision of His Guru always, He benefits the devotees with all his might.

Generally the wealthy people are praised that they attained LAKSHMI KADATCHAM. In one men’s life this Lakshmi kadatcham will come and go. This is not a stable one. But there is an another type of wealth called “ KUBERASAMBATH” which means attaining great wealth along with a complete life which prolongs for generations. Doing poojas with “vanni leaves” (Sthala Virutcham of this temple) to Lord Saneeswara bagavan will provide us with the Kubera sambath.

The Vanni tree (Botanical name -Prosopis cineraria ) is called Shami in Sanskrit, Banni mara in Kannada, Vahnni in Malayalam is one of the most sacred trees in India which has very high spiritual values. This is the tree for lord Saneeswara. When a devotee made poojas with leaves of this tree, he will get cleared by all his sins and get a wealthy life.

The OOMATHAI (Botanical name-Datura metal) is another Sthalavirutcham of this temple. Doing poojas with the flower of this tree benefits the people with mental disturbances.

There is one more Sthala Virutcham for this temple-Kondrai maram (botanical name-Cassia siamea). Poojas with the flower of this tree will bring the divided families unite together.

The ancient temple was built by Chola Kings with bricks (1500 years ago). Later Raja Raja I renovated this temple as a granite structure. The inscriptions of Raja Raja Chola Rajendra Chola I, Rajathiraja Chola I and Kulothunga Chola I are also seen in the temple.A person who praise to pongusaneeswarar will be blessed with not only riddance from the problems and worries faced but a life that one desires.